Our History  


The Petrie family has been providing quality legal services for four generations, spanning over a century of the city’s history.


FC Petrie & Son was founded by Mr Fitt Charles Petrie (1864 - 1944) who was admitted to practice in 1888. He carried on the business with his son, Mr Horace William Petrie (1892 - 1948) who continued the practice throughout the following decades. 


In 1975, his sons, Bruce Hescott (1925 - 2002) and James Charles (1922 - 1999) divided the practice into two entities, Bruce Petrie & Co and J C Petrie & Co. While Jim did not have family to carry on his practice, two of Bruce’s sons have gone on to forge careers in the law.


Campbell William Petrie remains the principal solicitor at the firm and still advises descendants of those original families who made up the clientele of the first Petrie firm.


Throughout this time the firm has grown and modernised with the city. The various premises occupied, such as Dudley House and the Trust Building on George Street have been dwarfed by surrounding towers. Similarly the fountain pens, carbon paper and typewriters have been shelved for modern technology and programs. Bruce Petrie & Co has embraced these advances and continues to move forward into the 21st century.


The firm now consists of a small but highly efficient team, with a diverse range of skills and expertise.


Our Values


What has not changed is the sense of pride and integrity inherent in all areas of the practice. The core values of the firm have been passed down with the Petrie name and there is satisfaction in the knowledge that the forebears would still call these values their own.


The key belief within the firm is in developing real and permanent relationships with our clients. This is achieved through personal and efficient service. We wish every client to feel that their matter or enquiry is our priority. In addition, we aim to develop these relationships into the future, and take a keen interest in the stories and lives of the people who come to see us. We aim to be a firm to which generations of families continue to come for legal advice and representation. 









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